family of four sitting on log on beach with fall colors

May 9, 2022



I used to never think of myself as a family photographer . . . or, at least not a great family photographer. The sheer amount of patience and creativity that goes into producing a beautiful batch of family photos can be daunting. Compared to couples sessions, camera settings for family photo shoots are more difficult to master. Additionally, when kids are involved, I’m not only the photographer, but the hired clown as well. That’s right, knowing the weather forecast for the day is not nearly as important as being able to forecast (and hopefully avert) meltdowns.

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learning the ropes

Looking back on my family photography sessions throughout the years, however, I’m pleased to say that I am getting better at it . . . and that I am enjoying it more! I am so very fortunate to attend an amazing church with some pretty rad families. This last year, many of those families reached out to me to take their photos, giving me opportunities to refine my skills.

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a good match

One of my favorite shoots I did was for the Miles family. Melanie and Lawrence, along with their boys, August and Bjorn, are sweet and gracious . . . and they sure do know how to make my job easy! They came to the river prepared to both snuggle and saunter. With their cute clothes (future blog topic: what to wear to a photoshoot!), outward affection, and willingness to trust me, I had no trouble capturing these genuine moments–that looking back, still make my heart soar!

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my faves

All images by Tracy Robyn Film & Photo.

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